A downloadable game for Android

VERTIGO - a game made during All Play Accessibility game jam in Poznan, Poland.

The game has scarce graphics and controls, so more people could enjoy it.

The aim of this game is to collect the incoming blocks with the glowing side of the middle block. The game switches controls every 8 seconds, where you control the outer blocks instead.

This is an early build of the game, no scores or penalties are available atm. Just a tech-demo, well, sort of.

The game was build with Adobe AIR, making it available for browsers, mobile devices, desktops and TVs. This is currently an Android version.

More to come in the nearest future! Please share your thoughts.

Install instructions

1. Download
2. Unzip
3. Upload the file to your Android device
4. Using the file manager, install the app (may require developer privileges for apps downloaded outside of Google Play Store)


vertigo_alpha.zip 13 MB

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